ANNUAL PEN DERBY Saturday August 27th, 2022

Register online below or in person at Shortwave Marine, 113 Lakeshore Rd E. in Port Credit,

Trailered boats can check in at the Lakeview Promenade launch ramp.
All others can check in at the Credit Village Marina Office, where the weigh-in is held.

All boats will be required to sign a waiver and have their coolers and live-wells inspected. Once inspected, the boat will receive a number. It must be displayed at all times during the derby, and it must be provided with the cooler at weigh in.

It is a three (3) fish box tournament with a six (6) rod limit. Only Chinook and Coho Salmon are eligible, with a minimum length of 24 inches.

6am shotgun start (VHF Channel 17). All boats must stage in the river-mouth, no further south than the Ridgetown. All boats must be inside the pier heads and off-plane by 12pm. Late penalty is five points per minute.

Tournament scoring is 10 points per fish, plus total weight in pounds. Weigh-in begins at 1pm (or sooner). Note: Fish caught can be weighed in at other derbies but must be weighed in at the tournaments’ weigh-in station first.

This is a friendly competition. We value the excellent community support we get, and all of our ‘staff’ are volunteers. Please respect others on the ramp, in the harbour, and on the water.

Parking is very limited in Port Credit and traffic is heavy on Saturday afternoons. Trailers should be parked at Lakefront Promenade Park, which is in Lakeview.

Many people launch at Lakefront Promenade Park on the Friday and park their boats overnight at Port Credit Village Marina. If you want to do that, call the Marina at 905-615-4880 or email them at Slips go on a first come, first served basis.

Pen Derby Registration - Saturday August 27th, 2022 (No Rain Date)

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You also agree to follow all the rules laid out by the Derby organizers and adhere to the judges decisions which will be final and binding on all entrants on all matters.


I confirm that all the information entered is correct and agree to the above conditions and rules for this derby.

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